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So You Were Wondering, What Did Kelsey Do Today?

If you were wondering what Kelsey did today, here is the briefest description.  Getting blisters on his @$$. How? So I caved in to my step-son this morning when I found out that the temperature outside felt really good for … Continue reading

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Announcing A New Blog Theme & Layout

I have just completed an overhaul of two blogs.  One, this one, looks like this.  The other is The Prospering Peasant, and if you’d like to see it, just follow the link.  Go on, it will open in a new … Continue reading

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Friday Evening Ponderings

On the other end of the day now, and it has been a day.  I spent it in Mesquite, visiting someone in the hospital, and quite frankly, I would have loved to of had some time out photographing the view … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Ponderings

This week I have been able to finally get the handrail built for granny out on the front steps, and since David is having his knees replaced this is a great idea!  I also helped granny set her bed up … Continue reading

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Everybody Has A Cold

Missus Bacon has avoided it, but not the boys, who brought it home from school.It isn’t homework, it is a cold virus.  Our little baby girl got it, and kept sitting on my lap…  What could a father do?  I … Continue reading

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A Happy Saturday

Today was a fine old day!  We got up this morning and got a lot of chores and cleaning done in time to take the afternoon off from just after 1:00PM.  After a quick lunch, and certainly not a healthy … Continue reading

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