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_KJB7600 ReMastered Sepia

I have been shooting photos for a long time now, and once in a while everything works just right, so that the result is an image that I can be exceptionally proud of.  That’s when it’s time to take notes on what went right, and what is wrong, so that the next one can repeat the success, and improve on the shortcomings. 

This photo of Kirynie has a lot of what I want in a photograph.  It has the classic hat, and soft focus, vignette, tight cropping, light and shadow, sharp focus on the eyes, and good composition.  I am happy with it mostly because it is a photo of my daughter, who I always feel so lucky to be the father of, and who I appreciate and enjoy every day!  The things I don’t like about it are the overexposed bits on her face (hot spots) and the fact I had forgotten to change the ISO to a lower setting.  This is shot at ISO 800, and thus is a bit muddier than I would like it to be for enlargements. 

After shooting it in color, I tried it in monochrome too, but that was not quite right, so I set it to Sepia, and put the sepia saturation down to 70% so some of the color came through.  I added the vignette as well.  Finally, I selected the color in her eyes and brought up the brightness and brought the color to the top layer, giving her full color and brightened up eyes. 

This is not my photography blog, but I do want to keep this recorded someplace where I can find it, so I know what to do to do it again. 

Apart from working on a photo, I have also been working around the house lately, mostly caring for Kirynie, but also trying to stay caught up with it all, and sorting out the yard, and getting the air conditioner sorted so we can try to keep a bit cool this summer.  The weather has apparently been cool here for this time of year, so we are going to melt! 

As for today, we have now got the A/C running, the window covering drawn, and the temperature is finally down to a less than comfortable 86 degrees Fahrenheit.  Blah!

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