4:00 Am Wakeup for Horseback Ride

This morning’s fun and games started at 4:00 when JJ and I got up and ate breakfast, then got ourselves ready to go for a ride on Patches and Umber.  By the time we got over the time and got the horses saddled and a few things done, it was still just before 5:00 when we left the property.  The temperature was perfect for a short sleeved shirt.  I could not complain at all. 

We took off over the hill across the street, then headed south to the Fairgrounds, and eventually down to Jordan’s high school, and then back again.  The horses did really well on the ride apart from playing us up when we got back to the fairgrounds and found another horse there that looked very much like Precious, the horse we had left in the stable this morning. 

After getting back and feeding the animals, JJ and I had to go back down to the high school to pick up some of his ceramics projects that had been in the kiln yesterday.  We also ran into a teacher of his in the hall, and talked to him about JJ’s performance in English class, and what it is like in England.  As it happens, the teacher’s wife lived in England for six years, so he has visited, and also has her opinions on life there. 

When we arrived home again, JJ talked to his dad, and then we had lunch, and went for naps.  We are trying out the siesta schedule, so we can be awake in the cooler parts of the days, rather than burning up in the 100’s like I am doing now due to my slightly early wakeup. I only have the baby to blame, right? 

It didn’t much matter that Kiry woke me as I would have been woke up soon by the man who brings us the alfalfa cubes.  He stopped by to ask if he could drop off tomorrow morning as he has to go see the doctor about a cut on his leg that is apparently getting infected. 

Tomorrow we are going to go to town and pick up some more chickens that Jordan had ordered.  They have all but one of his in, and then the only thing left it the Turkeys that I ordered the other day.  There is going to be a yummy supper on the table for Christmas! 

Kelsey J Bacon

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  1. Marsha says:

    You’re going to eat a turkey that you have actually become acquainted with?

    Not sure I could do that. =/

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