A Friday to Remember

There is a gallon of Flavor-Aid in the freezer cooling off so I can drink it later, and the air conditioning is doing its thing, working on keeping the house at a reasonable temperature so we can stay active and happy in here rather than hot and miserable.  Missus has finished work an put The Mummy on while she works on some crafts.  The baby has had her supper and is watching along with, while both of the boys are still at the reservoir swimming with their friend Porter. 

I got my four turkeys today, and we have put them with Jordan’s latest batch of chickens in the cage along side the coop.  The coop has been emptied of all its chickens, and the four pheasants let loose in there.  The chickens from the coop are now in the old swimming pool, and I expect them to come out soon.  That means that the backyard has two roosters, seven hens, and I think nine ducks loose in it.  We are down one duck at any rate because Porter and Jordan killed one and ate it today.  Dylan watched and ate too.  I mostly kept Kiry inside, but I did watch the killing of the duck, though I have to admit that while Porter opted for a slit throat, I think an axe would make a cleaner, faster kill. 

I did not eat any of the duck because I never really liked this particular duck anyhow.  He was flakey and dry, and never looked that tasty while he was alive.  It is sort of sad in a way.  The duck was the weaker of the two males, and in the end, his mate left him for the other male.  He was smaller, and he was abused by the other male when they were put together.  Being the weakest link, he was the one chosen to die so the stronger one could continue mating with the females.  I was never a hunter, so I have never seen an animal turned into a meal in a day before. 

Jordan had a little help from his mom and put a new screen on his netbook today, rounding this out as a full day for him before he went to the reservoir! 

Katrina is asleep now, Kiry is asking for a drink, and Rachael Weisz is looking so sexy as the geeky Evelyn Carnahan.  I could just about use a nap myself.  If nothing else, a tall cool drink of Flavor-Aid. 

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