Thoughts Before the Dawn

I haven’t done a lot of writing in this blog lately, not because I have nothing to say, but because I make choices.  When I have the choice between writing here, one of my favorite things, and rolling around on the floor playing with my one year old daughter, or helping my five year old daughter along with her homework, I chose that over the time spent writing.  Life’s too short! 

Christmas is almost here.  We’re pretty well ready for it too.  That’s a nice feeling, especially when coupled to the fact that there is no accompanying debt coupled to it.  January First will roll around and we will be making progress with our lives, not paying for what’s past.  That’s always a nice feeling, and a wonderful way to start the New Year! 

My only thoughts on Resolutions for the New Year are that I would like very much to get more reading in.  Not Facebook reading, and the articles that are brought to light by the people I know, but actual reading of actual book texts.  All of my greatest weaknesses are encompassed by my lack of knowledge, and maybe the need for a little cardiovascular exercise. 

We have our share of problems around here.  There might be a few more mice in the house than we had imagined.  The clue is when the mice start setting people traps.  I had set mouse traps in Autumn, but then let it go for a while.  I have been setting them again the past two days.  It’s difficult with children and pets getting into everything.  It’s not pleasant but I am building up a tolerance to catching them, and cleaning out the traps. 

The tuck would not start again, and I could not get the block heater to work, or so I thought.  This is what I get for being inexperienced with diesel.  The guys at the shop down the road came and towed the truck for us for no charge, then they cleaned up the battery terminals, and checked the block heater and determined it actually was working.  They advised me to cycle the glow plugs, which is to turn the key till the “wait to start engine” light came on and went off on its own, then turn the key off and repeat two more times before trying to start it.  This works!  So now we know a bit more about how to cold start the truck!  So now maybe we won’t get stuck in the cold weather anymore!  But, keep the engine running when using the truck as a get-away vehicle! 

When we were stuck at home because of the truck, it disrupted our ability to procure feed for the cows and horses and goats.  We sorted that out right away with seven bales from the Toolson’s of Smithfield who only charge $7 per two string bale.  And it’s good hay, too!  So much better than paying $9.50 a bale at IFA. 

I have been experimenting with using vinegar and lemon juice as cleaners lately.  They work pretty good!  I am a lot happier raising little kids when I know that my household cleaners can be put on a salad too.  And they are pretty cheap!  I just need to procure a spray bottle for each of the two ‘cleaners.’ 

I am also over the half way point of changing out our light bulbs for LED bulbs in the house.  The electric bill seems reasonable enough.  We have sump pumps and electric heaters and two fridges and two big freezers and computers that run all the time and grandpa always watching TV to consider, but the bill has been between $160 and $180 a month all through the autumn.  Solstice is here in a few days, so even the lighting element of the bill should be at its peak right now. 

Time to go get Kiry up and ready for school!  She and the boys and I all got our hair cut on Friday, so we are all sporting our new looks! 

Kelsey J Bacon

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