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The Jetsons

My mom is over visiting from Denver and this morning her cell phone keeps ringing notifications to say that something or another has happened on it, probably a social media alert.  It is consistent, and unending.  It chimes off a … Continue reading

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I am testing Andriod on my site. It seems it doesn’t like pictures! But it does post!

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Remembering Grandpa Bancroft

So, grandpa Bancroft reminded us last week that we are all mortal, even him.  We put him in the ground at a family started cemetery in Duchene, Utah, where one of the ancestors buried a young child, so the story … Continue reading

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A Haunting Evening

I was out for a drive earlier this evening, and there was a haunting mist over the landscape.  Some of the lights on distant houses were only pinpoints, and others were a little less clear with an aura around them, … Continue reading

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Musings For A Spring Workday

Today I am working on the lighting in Grandma’s bedroom.  She has been using floor and table lamps in there since the days when she owned the house. But she complains of her eyesight going bad, so as part of … Continue reading

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