Rocket Girls

Today I took the girls out into the little pasture and let them each take a turn at launching a model rocket.  Kiry went first, and we lost that rocket after the chute failed to deploy.  Khallie launched the second rocket, and we retrieved that about 500 to 600 feet from the launch site in the Robert’s field behind the house.  I launched the second rocket a second time, having the girls spot it, and it came down in the direction we thought the first rocket went in when it got lost.

Oh, also, when we left our place to search for that second rocket, I ducked the barbed wire first, then turned to check the girls as they came through, but forgot about the electric cow fence the Roberts keep.  I would not call it painful, but it sure as Hell wasn’t what I’d call the shock I got.  I hit that wire, and that sonofabitch hit me back like a ton of bricks.  It jarred me with such force that even now, 13 hours later, I can still feel the jolt throughout my body.  

This evening while we were feed ing the animals and watering the plants, I spotted the first rocket in the front yars, about 50 feet from where we launched it.  How did we miss that?  I’ll never know.  

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