Moving Forward In Spite of Doom

That last post was so full of hope and optimism!  How funny!  Now, we are a couple of weeks into the Presidency of Donald J Trump, and what is clear is that while he thinks he knows how to run a business, he hasn’t a clue how to run a government.  America has followed Europe down the right wing path, and our lovely President has issued Executive Order after Executive Order, trying to recreate US Policy single handedly, and doing nothing with the Congress, where he might face a little opposition.  Instead, he only wishes to play the role of king.  And this megalomaniac has got his finger on the button?  What the Hell happened?  Did so many people forget that during the elections?  14 days after the inauguration General Mattis threatened nuclear war with North Korea.  Trouble with that is Kim Jung Il is as bad as Trump, both believing they are indestructible, and that bad things do not happen to them.  Meanwhile, are we foolish enough to believe that China or Russia will not seize the opportunity?  Would it not be in their best interests too, seeing how there is only one country that has used nukes thus far? 

Burning Down The House is playing downstairs right now.  Yes.  Soon. 

I could go on for hours about the politics, but I need to have a space away from that because not everything is politics, and frankly, life goes on till it doesn’t anymore.  So, in the spirit of keep on keeping on. 

I am saving up some money to replace this slow old computer I have from 2009.  It is time.  I plan on going used.  I also plan on using it for relatively little.  Yes, blogging in one thing, and Photo management.  E-mail, obviously.  I need to keep the machine pretty clean for the sake of keeping it running up to spec.  I’d like an Office suite as well.  That’s about it.  If I ever do get a weather station, I would like to hook it up to the computer too.  This biggest thing is properly running my farm sites and putting up more informative things for others to read and learn.  What else is life about?  My kids, of course.  Missus too.  The farm itself, too.  Look, blogging about a farm is a popular thing to do these days.  There was hardly anyone doing it when I started in September 2010.  But even with so many people doing it, our voice and style is unique!  So, onward! 


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