This site is in existence because of the life I have lived. I have friends and family in lots of different places, and some are able to keep up by this site, blog, and related pages. I love writing and photography so while this may on the surface appear to be a self indulgent site, it is an indulgence, but not as ego-maniacal as it appears on the surface.

Since you are here, feel free to look around. Keeping this site and two others are currently a hobby for me. The other two are my photography site, and my self-reliance site. They are a constant work in progress, so do check back from time to time!

I was born in southern California in the early 70’s, and in the first eight years of my life lived in California, Utah, and Texas.  After my mother remarried, I lived in Colorado for about a decade, then back to California again, followed by a couple of years in Florida, and back to California and Colorado again.  To explain it all in detail would just get confusing, but by the time I was 30, I stayed in Idaho for a short stint, then off to Nevada for a year.  Then I moved off to the United Kingdom for eight years.

When I moved back to America with my wife and kids, we moved to Nevada with a whole new lifestyle in mind. We went from city dwellers to living on a couple of acres with horses, chickens, ducks and whatever else we could get our hands on.  Raising the animals is a hands on experience!

And that is where we are at right now!


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